Finding room was not a particular problem at first. In the early nineties, the starting five, perhaps seven or eight stainless steel vats stood right in the cellar space of our residential building. The first few wooden barrels were also tucked in there. In time though, the quantity of the wine kept growing, and our cellar proved limiting. We deepened it, then expanded it into a passage under the road and, recently, expanded it once more, this time to the exterior as well, especially the storage and production sections. We added a brand new tasting room for wine presentations and tastings. The architects (plusminus30) gave much consideration to placing the structure in the environment in a way that does impact the silhouette and vista of the village. The solution thus leans on the building heritage of its surroundings, growing from the terrain, with a green roof running across and connecting it to the object of processing.

Cellar in numbers:
– Annual production: ca. 65,000 bottles of wine
– Cellar capacity: 100,000 litres of wine, 500 barriques, room for optimal multi-year aging of wines in the bottle. At any time, there are 3 to 4 vintages in the cellar – in barrels or bottles.